The GUIGNOLÉE for children living in Verdun

Video Maker: Amandine Navarro
Art Direction : Marine Saussereau
Makeup Artist: Victoria Chiron
Our 2018 Guignolée fundraising annual event was a success story. Almost $30,000 of donations were collected for children living in Verdun.
Please help us raise more funds during our 2019 Guignolée annual fundraising event. You can make it happens. 
We’ll be on street corners on Saturday, December 14. 
Because every child has the right to develop its full potential.

Photo Credit : Eric Varasifsky

A local donation for local action


Again this year, the Guignolée du Dr Julien will be taking place on the streets of Verdun/Nun’s Island bearing in mind that our main goal is that Les petits renards will keep benefiting from quality clinic services and receiving the support they need. 


Verdun Social Pediatrics Centre is more than a medical clinic. Our approach aims to create a network within the community that acts to empower children and their family.


Please help us again this year to make a difference and to raise more funds that will help us bring our values further.

Projection for 2020

- Provide high-quality clinical services to all children seeking assistance in Verdun regardless of their immigration status (children without medical insurance).

- Provide free art and cultural activities.

- Support and give tools to promote the children’s academic success and retention.

- Foster interactions between all Verdun community members and give the opportunity to the most vulnerable children and families to rely on sensitive local resources.

Because every child needs to feel comfortable in its own skin and grow in a healthy environment in order to develop to its full potential.

How to support the CPSC Les petits renards ?à

By making a donation on line through our web site 

By cheque (to the order of CPSC Les petits renards)

By calling us at 438-387-7428

Every donation is important whatever the amount!

Thank you to help us make a difference.

For more information

Please contact

Martial Mainguy, Directeur Général


Phone: 438-387-7428 

Email :

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